Every Thought

Our minds can’t explain everything.The problem is that we often are so caught up in our thoughts that we can’t hear the spirit whispering to our heart(I believe the two are eternally entertwined) and then Satan is able to interject all kinds of nagging doubts and lies into our heads. We are instructed by the Savior to take every thought captive,not one or two thoughts;not every other thought;not random thoughts,but EVERY thought.

2 Corinthians 10:5- Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Its so easy to read these words and there are tons of devotions and writings on this verse alone-but applying and putting them into practice is where,as one person put it,the rubber meets the road.34aac49533322a5d7c2a2635695f9e34The scriptures tell us the adversary is the father of lies-well he is also the perpertrator of the list on the right.How many times I myself have fallen for his tactics! Just recently within the last month as a matter-of-fact.

There was a situation that I was dreding and I became obssessed with thoughts of it. It quickly became a niggling worry. As I thought more and more I started to feel that we were at the mercy of the powers-that-be and surely we would be condemned to agony. The Spirit kept trying to get through, saying,calm down. I could feel Him attempting to comfort me in this.More than once he whispered,trust in My strength and lay it aside ,I will take care of everything. He was encouraging me,telling me that I would be enlightened at the proper time(HIs).  But instead of listening,I started reaching out to other mere mortals and I felt terribly confused. My mind was thrashing about seeking answers and the answers I was getting only served to push me into being frightened!I kept refusing His leading(even tho I kept repeating this scripture over and over) and still He was reassuring me that if I would just be still all would be well.  By the time the situation I had anticipated arrived I was a ball of apprehension on the inside.

Now let me add,that my husband was also going thru this same ordeal 3000 miles away in Mexico-but wait! It wasnt an ordeal for him. Why? Because he was letting his thoughts be controlled by the Spirit!!! My husband,a baby born-again Christian,a new believer in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ-was all of the things in the list on the left and NONE of those on the right! Thru-out the whole time he kept telling me-No preocupes mi amor,cual Dios quiere. Don’t worry my love,whatever God wants. I kept saying I know,but on the other end of the line he was doing exactly as the Savior says-take every thought captive.

After the day came and went,with excellent results I might add,I felt that heavenly Father had a good chuckle over that one!!! And once again I realized that this statement is true787fe400411dfb148b6aadd6717fd602



DONALD TRUMP: When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.
The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.
Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people.
Really? Some he assumes? Obviously he has no knowledge of history.We wont even mention his poor grammer.
    Here are some interesting fact most don’t know–
On August 30 Mexican President Vicente Fox sent his condolences to President George W. Bush, “In the name of the people and of the government of Mexico, I assure you of my deepest and most sincere condolences for the devastating effects caused by Hurricane Katrina”. He also mentioned his instructions to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs; that the United States would be provided with any kind of help that was needed.
On September 1, Mexican aid workers set up temporary headquarters in the Houston Astrodome to assist Mexican nationals affected by Katrina, and also offered to cover the costs of returning them to Mexico. Also offered was teams of epidemiologists, to reduce the risks of infections caused by mosquitoes.
The Mexican Red Cross sent four rescue experts from the state of Jalisco to assist in rescue efforts in New Orleans. The government of the Mexican Federal District also pledged to help with relief efforts.
On September 4 the Mexican Navy offered ships, buses and helicopters to assist in rescue missions. The offer was accepted and the Mexican ship Papaloapan departed from Tampico, with two Mi-17 helicopters, eight all-terrain vehicles, seven amphibious vehicles, two tankers, radio communication equipment, medical personnel and 250 tons of food.
On September 5, the Secretariat of Social Development pledged 200 tons of food, to be delivered in five airplanes by the Mexican Air Force.
The Secretariat of National Defense, on September 6, sent personnel with expertise in rescue missions to the area affected by Katrina. Also sent the same day was 35 vehicles and 162.7 tons of food, that was carried by trucks travelling through the state of Texas.
The members of congress of the Federal District pledged a day of salary each on September 7, to be sent to those affected by Katrina. The National Commission of Water sent bottled water and canned food upon request. Naval ship Papaloapan arrived the same day, with 389 soldiers and other personnel from the Mexican Navy. Units of the Mexican Army, a total of 194 people, arrived by land with 45 military vehicles.
On September 8, the Mexican Army was received with honors at Kelly Air Force Base by the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Local news channels noted the fact that the Mexican Army operated on U.S. soil after 159 years of absence, last time being the Mexican American War.~
Mexico is our neighbor. The Lord says to love our neighbor.We claim to be a Christian nation. When He told the parable of the Good Samaritan,He asked which of these was neighbor to him who was beaten? The Samaritans were neighbors to Israel-and hated them. Yet the Samaritan went the extra mile to help one who hated him.
         Now here is Donald Trump spewing out hate and bigotry,trying to to seen as if he really isn’t prejudiced and racist by saying maybe some Mexicans are good people. Kind of like the guy who hates black folks and says-I dont hate blacks,I have some friends who are black,yada,yada,yada.
Is this man really who we want to lead our country? An arrogant,selfish,pompous,pushy,.bombastic ass? A man whose prides knows no bounds and hasnt a shred of humility and truly believes he can do no wrong and admitted he never has anything to apologize for? He has an attitude of -it’s my way or the highway- really this is the fool we want running our country? Many don’t like Obama,but electingTrump is jumping from the frying pan into the fire!!!And think of this-Anyone else seeing the similarities between the Trump agenda and what Adolph Hitler promised?Both pushing false promises based on Nationalistic Pride and the fears of the people in order to obtain political gain. You’d think Americans were smarter than this.leaders-with-no-discernment
             I am so glad I’m going to Mexico soon. I love my country,but I fear for her. Say what you will about Mexico and her people-but she too is often at the mercy of her government. But still- Its the gente- I have been nothing but loved and welcomed by them. Here I see and hear so much hatred and fear of others and outright  lies about our neighbors to the south. And most of it is steeped in ignorance from people who have never been there or really had any interaction with Mexicans. Just the other day a gentleman questioned my good sense because I married “one of those Mexicans”. He said “I know Mexicans,how they operate,I know”. I asked him and how do you know? He said “I know them,I lived in Gainsville!”(Gainsville ,Ga has a high concentration of Mexicans and other Hispanics). I seriously laughed! You dont know anything sir,how many of them do you actually “know”? “Well,none personally,”he answered.
I rest my case-ignorance.
 I have ranted quite enough I believe for today,can’t change someone’s mind who doesn’t want it changed. Ignorance is bliss.SMH!
  Our neighbors need our prayers and our temporal help if we have it to give-it starts with me and Miguel. We have pledged to help where ever we can.After all,we are His hands.12122663_972374836142113_5448673379177667061_n

Where is home?

This seems like a pretty straightforward question. But if you are the spouse of a deportee the lines become a bit blurred. I have had to balance my life between two lands(not by choice),across a border that has become increasingly militarized and hostile.The spouses of deportees are all but forgotten by the U.S.-it seems to be a fit punishment for us to be exiled,and if we have young children,them as well,along with our husbands. Once our spouses have been removed(I hate that term,sounds like cutting out a cancer) we ,the American citizen spouse and children are not even a memory.

So ,for me ,I have had to look at this question from and eternal perspective. As Latter-Day Saints we believe that marriage and families are eternal. So that means that nowhere in this world is our home really. As my grandmother used to sing-this world is not my home,I’m just a passin’thru. Oh,for the most part, it is a beautiful place to sojourn,full of wonder and adventure,and for that I am thankful.Whether I am here,attending the Atlanta Templeatlanta-mormon-temple13 or monterrey-mormon-temple8here attending in Mexico,everywhere is a temporary home.

So now,I will be heading back to Mexico and my husband,making a place where our children and grandchildren can come to relax and explore. I refuse to let the government steal my joy!

What a weekend!

Its been awhile since I posted. I’m missing Mexico and Miguel so much. But at the same time I am so blessed here that  I can’t begin to describe the joy I’m feeling! This weekend was so awesome. I drove down to Warner Robbins on Saturday with Bianca and Barrett(two of Richard’s brood) to spend the day with their cousin Nathan(Gabriel’s son).Nathans other cousin,Macaylan, went too. It was so much fun! We ate breakfast first at Golden Corral where Traci my daughter-in-law works and she seemed so happy to have us there. She’s an awesome mom and Gabriel is blessed to have her.We spent the whole afternoon  at Monkey Joes.10568912_10152362603691045_6097556549064485733_nThats Bianca,Macaylan,Barrett,and Nathan. They got along so well. We only had a couple of mishaps,which is a miracle considering all the kids and running hither and thither at breakneck speed! The boys were so great together.Barrett turned 6 in August and Nathan will be 6 in December.10590459_10152362656936045_5100988986800297670_n Nathan found a little plastic charm on one of the inflatables and brought it too me. he hugged me and handed it to me like it was gold.And to me it is! They played and played until they ran out of steam,Bianca was sweating!!10629663_10152362795326045_4171154921868254381_nThen we headed over to Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins for a treat.Ice cream and smoothies10615596_10152363561961045_5787901737204674694_nI dropped Nathan and Macaylan off with Traci and headed back too Atlanta with the other two younguns. Both fell asleep almost instantly! On the way home Miguel called and we talked about the kids and he told them he misses them.Its hard,especially when he wasn’t even here enough to really ever know Barrett and Bianca was so little she really doesn’t remember much. This separation really hurts.

Sunday was just as great. Richard 10547659_10152356145276045_9186934508089055149_nwas feeling some kind of way because the 3rd was his 40th birthday and none of us really did much but facebook wishes. He was a bit pouty about that. I knew I had to do something,especially since they are struggling now with Jan in school and all the kids and various lessons and sports,just the general expenses of raising a family.I stopped by Publix and bought him a cake,icecream and balloons. Me and the kids sneaked them in the house and then I took them all out to eat at a new,out-of-this-world Chinese/hibachi buffet in Norcross.10665140_10152366448601045_4268100176910195270_nRichard isn’t in this pic because he was going thru the line again!!!  We finished up and headed home to meet Jan at their house. It was worth every penny I spent and more to see the look on my sons handsome face when we brought out the cake and card and balloons singing happy birthday! He hadn’t suspected a thing! I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for providing me with the means to do these kinds of things for my family.

But still and all,it pulls at my heart that Miguel can’t be here to share with us. Truly God provides for us when I am there too,but because of our broken and inhumane immigration system I must be one place ot the other. I would love to have a big,happy Thanksgiving dinner in our home like we used too. Folks who aren’t separated like this don’t understand. Last year I spent the holiday with my friend and her family in Mexico City and I really enjoyed it,but still it wasn’t the same. Miguel was working(no Thanksgiving Day in Mexico) in Salamanca and our family was here missing us. We who are exiled(or partially like me) shouldnt have to choose between our spouses and our children and grandchildren. This year I will be here in Atlanta and not sure where Iĺl be at Christmas,once again having to choose.We are praying for changes,but they keep being put off. Children and grandchildren are growing up,spouses are getting older,milestones are being missed. We keep praying,how long oh Lord,how much longer. So I think Miguel and I will probably end up with one foot(his) in Mexico and one foot(mine) in the U.S. On the border,which is not our first choice,but at this time,the cest. I want to be able to work in my country,live with my husband,and be a bit closer to our children and grandchildren.We are praying the Lord turns things around and believe He will-but it will be in His time. So we will wait patiently on Him-and until that time I will keep praising Him and giving things for the things I do have that bless me.And thanking Him for things that aren’t yet as though they are.10659434_691251737609661_3140133595724473332_n

Tell Genoveva-her Yayo will always love her…..

ImageYesterday was Karli’s birthday. She turned 19. She hasnt seen her Yayo( my husband Miguel) in 6 years, since his deportation. She has been through a lot in that time and they have missed all that time together. Miguel couldnt call her yesterday but spoke with me the night before. He told me to sing Las Mananitas to her on her day. This is a beautiful Mexican tradition,to be sung early in the morning so that the person wakes up to this love in song.

Estas son Las manañitas
(These are the morning songs)
que cantaba el Rey David.
(that King David sang.)
Hoy por ser día de tu santo
(For today to be the day of your saint)
te las cantamos así.
(we sing to you like this.)

¡Despierta, mi bien, despierta!
(Wake up, my dear. Wake up!)
Mira que ya amaneció.
(See that it is already dawn…)

Qué linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte…
(How beautiful is the morning in which I come to greet you…)

 It wasnt early yesterday, but around ten I picked up her mom Sondra and went to pick Karli(Genoveva is her middle name-Miguel has been the only one who has always called her that) to take her to her birthday lunch. She was getting dolled up to go out,standing in front of the

 mirror,putting on her make-up. I had found a beautiful rendition of the song and started playing it for her. Tears started running down her cheeks and she dropped the make-up and covered her face in her hands,sobbing.Her mom and I rushed to hold her and she choked out ¨please,I cant do this now,I remember when he used to sing this too me on my birthday,since I was born,please!¨

No one in the government knows or cares.The political pundits dont. The critics and haters of undocumented families dont.Even many s0-called Christians dont. As long as its not their families,children,husbands,wives,then it doesnt matter. If it were veterans families,families of the terminally ill, violent crime victims families,then the public considers them worthy of our sympathy and help-but the undocumented are considered little more than human waste.Non-human entities ,vermin that needs to be eradicated.

This morning I was reading a friends blog. She moved her family to Mexico to be with her husband who voluntarily went back to try and legally get his permission to live in a country he has made his own-to raise his family. My friend is an educated,bright woman who served honorably in the military,but who in essence,has been punished and deported by association with her husband.If she had been maimed in her tour of duty she would be revered and shown compassion,but because she loves and married an¨illegal¨(their term,not mine),she has been kicked to the curb,so to speak. This is abominable. As I read her blog I remembered Karli’s sobs yesterday and I started to cry.

What is wrong with us? Why do we fear and hate? Its so selfish and evil. Sometimes when I read some comments on artilces about immigration, the hatred and evil is palpable and nearly jumps off the page or out of the computer screen. It often makes me literally sick on my stomach and sick at heart.

To be fair,I know many who are tirelessly working for reform and help in spite of man-made laws and genuinely love and care about our brothers and sisters her without the blessing of papers or the means to get them. And yes Karli-your Yayo loves you always-because love of family and indeed,God’s love transends borders.

Love One Another

ImageImageWhere to begin? I really dont know.This is going to be about both marriage restoration and immigration-because I have dealt and am still dealing with both. This morning I was truly disheartened to take part in a post in one of the groups I belong to for restoration. It was certainly an eye-opener. The post was concerning making adultery a criminal offense because it breaks up families. That was the simple gist of it. Well I agree that it does destroy families and condone it in no way,but my point was: criminalizing it or enforcing laws already on the books will not keep people from doing it. I got the feeling that most want to criminalize it,not to deter it,but to get revenge and satisfaction in making their spouse and the other person pay.I feel that that is up to God-not us.

I mentioned something about this government having no regard for families or marriage for several reasons,which I named,and one of those was the mass deportations and our broken immigration laws.Well! There was a response from a woman who hasnt got a clue as to what its all about. I told her so nicely.Got no response-as a matter of fact after my last entry,no one responded. She basically said that as long as your husband or wife are legal then your marriage is worth fighting for.But if not,then tough for you and you better suck it up and the heck with the family-because you and your spouse made the choice to do something illegal. I guess only marriages between citizens,born or naturalized are sanctioned by God. She said she felt sorry for these families,but hey,she knows the system is broken,but the laws need to be enforced. Im still trying to get past that oxymoron.She admitted they are inhumane,but hey,we still need to go by the book.

Is my husband any less a human being,does he not feel,does he have no rights because he is un-documented? Do the children in these mixed status families have no rights to be brought up in a loving family with father and mother?The gentleman who started the thread is a black man-I waited to see if he would come to my defense just because he might empathize because of what his people suffered in the past-families seperated and destroyed because of laws that were in-humane. But no,he remained silent.

My point here is-dont have a group where you pick and choose who you will pray for and claim to share Jesus and what He stands for if you harbor hatred and bigotry in your heart.Dont plaster images like the ones above on the page if you believe only the people you approve of are worthy of Gods love and care.And then turn around and say-gee Im sorry if I offended anyone,but thats just the way it is.

People like this dont offend me-I feel sorry for them because what goes around comes around and when we judge others and only care about our own or the people we feel are worthy of Gods love it will come back to bite us in the rear.History proves that-look at Nazi Germany as just one example.And their ignorance wont change my beliefs or faith in my Savior. But somehow I think the bigoted,prejudiced,hateful,feeling they harbor are far worse than crossing the border to be with the family God gave you.It is the posture taken by the Pharisees-and Christ condemned them. Its great and good to quote scripture and say,well Jesus said thus and so,but if we dont live it then that makes us hypocrites and liars.

Dont claim to be a follower of Christ and then do the opposite.Remember Jesus said ‘love the Lord thy God with all your heart,and the second commandment is like unto it,love thy neighbor as thyself’. If you want your husband or wife and family intact-shouldnt you want that for others as well? Well,maybe only if its on your terms.

Sad,so sad. Oh and I hope I didnt offend anybody.


Not to worry

It is so easy to worry and fret and plan for the disasters we anticipate. Especially for me when I’m up at 3:30 in the morning,which happens quite a bit due to my type of work. I live-in with my clients on 24 hr shifts.They are elderly,so consequently I am up a lot in the wee hours of the morning.The houses are still and quiet,only the soft whirr of a refrigerator or the steady muted ticking of a wall clock.I have a lot of time to think.
I always think that it is in the strident noise and clamor of the noisy world we live in that the adversary chooses to spread his lies-but in these quiet hours he tries to instill fears and anxiety of what the future may bring.He tries to tell me that I am all alone like a little child in the dark. I have learned that entertaining these thoughts of impending disaster and planning and trying to figure out ways to avoid and prevent said scenarios at times inevitably bring them on.So I have to instead sit quietly and breath and listen for the still small voice of the Spirit who tells me to trust and obey. Sometimes I sit still with my scriptures and search for the words of hope and love that bring me peace and light. At times I write in my journal-letters to my Savior;asking for guidance,comfort,and strength,but more thanking Him and expressing my love and praise and adoration for Him. Love letters to the One who loves me more than I could ever ask or imagine.
And it is then that He assures me that I don’t need to worry.He takes my hand and holds tight and says’Trust me,I have this,you don’t have to be afraid.’ And I know His words are true and he keeps His promises and He will never let me down.If I fall He will pick me up and wipe away my tears and let me rest in His arms.
Some of my patients have passed while I was their caretaker. I remember two who were such a contrast. One of them was constantly fretting about her money,who would get it,how her children would spend it,what if this happened,what if that happened.She was in constant torment over everything and her health declined quickly,she had no peace. The other was a gentleman-he enjoyed everyday. He loved his wife and children,he had kept a journal of his life and would often ask me to read to him about all his blessings. There were sad entries;the death of his first wife,struggles he faced during the war(WWII),business trials,but always he thanked his Savior and the entries were full of hope and thankfulness. His last days were filled with joy.
So as I sit here this morning pondering my situation at this point I decide to say-Father,You do what is best for me and my husband and family and I will do whatever You ask.And I hear Him say-no worries daughter,remember,I have this. And then it is when these two scriptures come to mind and I know that they are true.I can’t add a single hour to my life by worrying,but probably shorten it with stress if I do! Thank You Father for truth.ImageImage


ImageNo,this isn’t some bacteria I am suffering from(refer back to the typhoid post). This is pollen-pine pollen to be exact.For my friends in Mexico pollen is way worse than the dust we have there. Here in Atlanta it covers everything this time of the year. Everything turns yellow.If you park your car on the street or dont have a garage,no matter what color it is it will turn yellowImageGo to bed with a black car,in the morning-yellow.White-yellow.Red-yellow.Are you picturing this?

The streets will be dusted yellow-Im not talking about a light dusting that blows away with a breeze. No I’m talking,a heavy double layer that gets in your sinuses,eyes and nasal passages when the slightest breeze blows and turns to yellow soup and runs in rivelets in the street when it rains.Yellow puddles like chicken soup boullion that didn’t dissovle completely.130418120715-pollen-water-rutledge-horizontal-gallery

The pine pollen is the thickest,but it is not the pine pollen that causes the worst allergy symptoms.That is caused by grasses,weeds,and all our lovely plants and trees here in Atlanta that burst into vivid color and life like a Disney movie!

th (10)This is the Atlanta Botanical Garden-one of the most beautiful and enchanted places on earth-well at least in the U.S and certainly in Georgia. But don’t be fooled,this is just one huge garden in our state and multiply that by all the gardens,lawns,farmland,pastures,and other sources of greenery we have and its a nightmare! Almost everyone I know is suffering from burning,itching eyes,sinus pain,sore throats,breathing problems.Sneezing,coughing,and choking are heard everywhere.Companies that make allergy medicine and Kleenex are making a killing!

th (4) We go to Pollencast and it tells us what the pollen count is(today 2722) which plants are the main culprits for the day(cedar,oak,and birch today),and the breathing quality. You can pull up the interactive pollen calendar-I mean Pollen is a fricking celebrity!

Even if you don’t have allergies,pollen will effect you in some way.Nobody likes pollen-for various reasons-nobody. Well I take that back-there are some guys who love it-th (8)Here’s one of em!


Love never fails

th (2)Im sitting here listening to the song Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath. Its pretty much the scripture in  1st Corinthians 13.I am really having a hard time this go ŕound leaving Miguel. When we woke up this morning he just held me for a long time-didn’t say anything at all. As he was shaving,I sat at the kitchen table an watched him and started to cry.Its funny(not really),how folks who dont have the types of trials our marriage does take things like that for granted.23f93092255a41a71f31d7ae71f3944d It seems like some folks have it so smooth,and even though I know that all of us have our own crosses to bare and storms to weather,its easy sometimes to feel a twinge of’why us?’

I truly want to spend time with my grandchildren and grown kids,with my friends,and the people I work with there in Atlanta. But I am already missing Miguel and my life here. I made eggs and salsa this morning and tacos for Miguel to take to lunch. He smiled a sad smileand said¨me and Cebolla are going to miss you Pepa-I dont want you to go,promise you will be back?¨ He knows I will,God willing,but inside there is always the nagging thought that something crappy will happen. Anyone who knows me,knows I trust Heavenly Father completely and there are no buts. However(really the same as but,right?) we live in a precarious world.

It was Miguel’s morning to give the blessing and say prayer. I love it when he prays-its always so humble and simple and from his heart. He hugged me tight while praying and asked God to ¨please protect and watch over this wonderful woman who loves me even though I am a culero at times and bring her back here in a hurry and safe because I can’t do this without her and You.¨ Yes,he actually said culero  to Heavenly Father-but it was how he honestly feels and I love him for that and I know God does too. There’s nothing fake or contrived  when Miguel prays. God knows I am going to miss this man with all my heart! I just have to keep believing that things will keep getting better and better. We’ve come a long way.

I often read other women’s posts and some of them  can always find something to complain about.And thats okay if it works for them.But I can honestly say I love it here in this part of Mexico. I love traveling around our state with my husband or my friends from church. I love the mercado and the centro,the people,sights,smells,and sounds. I love getting the bus at 1:00am on a Saturday and riding to Guadalajara to attend the Temple. I love hearing the sacrament prayer in Spanish. I enjoy taking the combi to town and shopping all the little tiendas. I have spent some of the best times in the churches here,conversing with my Father and thanking him for blessing me to be able to live the miracle of a restored marriage,especially here in Mexico,when it all seemed so impossible.I know I talk a lot in my posts about blessings,but its how I live,giving thanks and learning  in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.(Phillipians 4:11). But Im still going to miss being here.

Typhoid Linda and Mexican medicine

ImageLooks like some pretty coral in the sea doesn’t it-well looks can be deceiving folks.This is typhoid fever bacteria and it was in my digestive tract about three weeks ago. Now typhoid as you may or may not know is practically non-existent in the U.S., but here in Mexico it is a big problem-mainly because of poor sanitary practices and conditions.You never know when you eat from a street vendor what you may be getting along with those tasty tacos or tamales. Hand-washing is just not that important and gloves-well I haven’t seen anyone wearing them except at the Comercial or Wal-mart!

I had the vaccine before I left the states-but the doctor failed to inform me that it is only partially effective-I had to wait till I got sick and my Mexican medica told me. When she said I had typhoid fever-I about flipped-only I felt too sick to move! My stomach was cramping,I was losing everything from both ends,had dehydration,fever,my vertigo was going crazy,and my head felt like it was going to blow up!All within about three days of eating the tamales I know caused the infermedad(I know it was the tamales because it was the only street food I had eaten in weeks-and I wash my hands constantly-I’m in nursing,I know the rules!)

I had a mild case last time I was here and I thought I was going to die then! But Beky(mi medica) said that it was because of the difference in diet here.But this time it was really bad. Thank the Lord for Mexican medicina.She gave me a shot(don’t know what was in it-but within minutes I started to feel a little better). She gave me ciprofloxacin Imageand chloramphenicol,oral.Now the second antibiotic hasn’t really been used for years too much but they still prescribe it here in Mexico. Works like a charm-I was feeling great the next day. But she warned me to finish everything because typhoid is kinda like TB-you can keep the bug in your system and infect others even if you have no symptoms and if not careful it will come back! Yuck and double yuck!

Well the nasty symptoms were done before I finished the meds-but I finished them like a good girl-and then I was rewarded the second week with a really gross fever blister. Now a fever blister is the result of a virus-the same one that causes oral herpes. It’s called a jugaso here and this time of year you see a lot of folks with one.Miguel even had one,but it went away in a couple of days. Did Linda’s? No! it turned into canker sores and mouth ulcers all down my throat,along with an ear ache,throbbing sinuses,and burning pain just to breath or swallow! By Sunday it was all I could do to drag myself to church and play the piano and swallow sacrament without crying. I got home and Miguel was alarmed. He said to call Beky and he’d take me over.But I said it was Sunday and she probably wasn’t there.So he did the next best thing-and from here the story gets really awesome. He went to Similares-the farmacia next to the Seguro hospital -and told the girl ¨mi mujer is really sick with,blah,blah,blah,and she needs an antibiotico and something to kill the dolor(pain) in her ear and throat¨. She said can she come for a consult or does she have a prescription? He said no-she said well then here is this medicina tell her to put it in her ears three times a day every eight hours till finished and she should be okay. ImageIts presciption but she sold it to him anyway-thanks again Lord! It has ciproflaxicin,hydrocortizone,and lydocaine. Stopped the infection dead,killed all the pain,and the sinus probs within 24 hours! All for 10 bucks U.S.! I have never had anything in the states work that fast or that good!

Now-back to the title-why did I say typhoid Linda?The story of Typhoid MaryImage

From 1900 to 1907 she worked as a cook in the New York City area.In 1900, Mary worked in Mamaroneck, New York, where, within two weeks of her employment, residents developed typhoid fever. In 1901 she moved to Manhattan, where members of the family for whom she worked developed fevers and diarrhea, and the laundress died. Mallon then went to work for a lawyer, until seven of the eight household members developed typhoid.[2]

In 1906, she took a position in Oyster Bay, Long Island, and within two weeks ten of eleven family members were hospitalized with typhoid. She changed jobs again, and similar occurrences happened in three more households.She worked as a cook for the family of a wealthy New York banker, Charles Henry Warren. When the Warrens rented a house in Oyster Bay for the summer of 1906, Mallon came along. From August 27 to September 3, six of the eleven people in the family came down with typhoid fever. The disease at that time was “unusual” in Oyster Bay, according to three medical doctors who practiced there.Mary was subsequently hired by other families, and outbreaks followed her.(Thank you Wikipedia)She was quarantined numerous times but she never had any symptoms.She refused to give urine or stool samples and was finally arrested and quarantines for the rest of her life-her autopsy showed that she had typhoid bacteria in her system. They cremated her and buried her ashes.The point is, typhoid is a terrible disease and now I can’t be too careful. Like I said Im obsessvive about hand-washing,but now I’m going to be a freak about it,and even use gloves when I cook for others.I want to stress for anyone traveling-BEWARE about what and where you eat. You never know what you are ingesting.So much for the guy and his Bizarre Foods on Food channel-good luck to him!Image

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