A small world

I am a native Californian. One of my favorite places was DisneyLand. Disney Land opened the year after I was born and we made a trip to the Magic Kingdom every year to entertain relatives  who were visiting.

I was enthralled with the beautiful scenes,the singing anamatronic children,the vivid colors and uplifting music. All children in the world getting along and loved.

Now that I’m all grown up,indeed a grandmother many times over,I pray everyday for the real children of the world. The born and the unborn. Children everywhere.The victims of neglect and abuse,human trafficking and sexual exploitation, infanticide and torture.

I’m thinking now how my children and my grandchildren are so abundantly blessed to enjoy and have the blessings of Priesthood blessings. In the LDS church children are usually blessed the first Sunday of the month during our fast and testimony meeting. This is a holy and sacred time,a great joy for everyone. The child is given a name and blessing for their life by a worthy Priesthood holder,ideally a father or other family member. And then hopefully during the growing years nurtured and taught in the gospel of Christ.

 I look around in the world and see so many babes suffering,torn apart from their families or living in situations where the parents are victims of their own debilitating childhood trauma they are incapable of turning things around for their own children. Life ain’t DisneyLand.

So how can we help? I’m here in Del Rio today and I’ve been researching resources for helping families. It’s important to start in our families then to reach out in our communities and our schools and churches. We may feel like we aren’t doing anything that matters,but that’s not true. Some food,clothing,bedding can help. A pair of shoes and socks,hygiene products, used toys and books can make a difference.

Giving our time can relieve someone’s loneliness and the feeling that they are all alone. A smile, a hug,  a listening ear,all these things  go can  a long way in showing others the love of Christ. 

When my children were small we lived in a horribly abusive home. I was blessed with people who helped me to escape. We were placed in a safe house and the misery of those women and children was palpable. My children and I sat down that 1st night and my oldest daughter said,”Mama,we have to help these people. Heavenly Father will show us how”. So we knelt down and prayed for Him to show us what to do. My younger daughter said “let’s make them laugh,they all look so sad. I bet they never smile.” We started doing little skits that everyone could relate too. Imitating our abusers and making them funny for a minute, and all the while making them laugh and realize they could overcome. One woman who had been in and out of shelters with her kids for 10 years said she couldn’t remember laughing in that long! The kids and I determined to keep on giving however we could.

Once we were out of that situation, we would collect their outgrown clothes and shoes,toys,books,and movies and music and load them into the van and take them to the women and children’s shelters in Atlanta. We would make cookies and spend time reading and having good little tea parties. It blessed us more than anyone else.

Now with so many suffering in this world it is important to not just pray,but too be an example of Christ-like love and to walk the walk,not just say we are Christ’s followers,but actually show them in word and deed that we are who we profess to be. We may not belive the same way,but we can show love and grace to them.

I love this man,my Redeemer,my King,my Lord. The children who are suffering in His place of birth need us more than ever. How can we turn our our backs on the children who are crying out for rescue? We must stand together and do what He would do. 

Matthew 19:13-14, Then there were brought unto Him little children,that He should put his hands on them ,and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.                                           But Jesus said,Suffer little children,and forbid them not,to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

We aren’t doing a very good job of this right now. Never mind going to the Magic Kingdom.



About lindabalderas

I'm a wife,mom,and grandmother and a thankful Latter-day Saint living and serving in Mexico,on the Border no less! Life is great!

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