Bitter,negative, and a whiner?

​Buenos dias y’all!                      This was my post yesterday on facebook. Just some of my firsthand observations since this is where I live. I had a oodles of comments,mostly positive. One woman however accused me of being bitter,negative,and a whiner. I will add those comments and you tell me what you think. Whose sadly  bitter and negative?

I live in Mexico. Right on the border. My house is 1 minute from the fence,the rio,and the puente. It’s already crawling with CBP,dogs,and vehicles. There are sensors,drones, boats,and horses. There are cameras,mirrors,x-rays. And now the president wants yall to pay billions more for a wall. I can tell you that Mexico will never pay for it. Things are already hard here.

But I will say this: Everyone has welcomed me here. My Spanish is more Spanglish. No one has ever refused me service or been hateful and told me Spanish only. In fact,if anything they ask me if I can teach them english! I teach a seminary class,in English,with the students who speak English helping with translation. No one insults me or says how horrible I am because I’m a US citizen. Everyone has been respectful,helpful,and friendly. Even tho technically I’m an undocumented alien since I don’t have my residency yet. Which by the way is way less expensive and simpler to obtain. 

Bad things happen everywhere. We live in a fallen world. Guns and walls and bombs and registries and technology can not save you. If something bad is going to happen well,it’s going to happen. 

You are living in fear and fear grows bigger and bigger and it’s sin. The scriptures say do not fear 365 times. Obviously the Lord was making a point. I choose to not live in fear. I can’t stop the inevitable and that is that the Lord is coming back and my only concern is that He finds me faithful. 

It’s going to get bad folks,make no mistake and don’t be fooled. The only security is in Him. That is all.

 Comment1)God is in control of all things in our lives.  I suffered for a year taking chemo fighting cancer and I did not come out bitter. There are things in this life that we don’t understand.   There is a legal system and all of us, including me must abide by the law of the land.  We must support our leaders and pray for them whether we voted for them or not.  I supported one for the last few years that I did not vote for.
This is a wonderful blessing that she is healed. Let us rejoice! However,she turned my words to something they were never meant to convey.She implied that I am bitter.  So I responded with,        First of all Doris I’m thankful you are well. Gracias a Dios!But I don’t know where you get the impression I am bitter. I don’t support anyone who promotes hate. We are not obligated to blindly follow someone who is in power and leads us a stray. I am in Mexico by choice to be with my husband because I believe the marriage covenant supercedes any man made dictates. But I also know firsthand how deportation tears families apart and destroys them. 

My page is not a place to express political disputes. The only King I serve is Jesus Christ  and my trust is in Him. Not in any man. When man’s law tries to override God’s law then I will not support it. I believe to keep families together the laws should be ammended. 

I understand hatred and bigotry when I see it and I pray for my country,but I won’t be a partaker in those sins. This isn’t open to discussion or argument,it is where I stand. But thank you for sharing your opinion as well. Love.

Comment2)We should love one another and I’m glad I have compassion for all..  I do love America and honor the Office of The President and others.   I don’t always agree but I try not to whine about things either..  If I was smart enough I’d hold some type of office, so I hope they are smarter than I am.

Now,was I coming across as whining about the situation? No,I believe I was simply stating my principles and personal conviction. And let me add there were also comments from many friends and family that were kind and positive. So she was also implying they are bitter and whiny as well.

I responded with this,          Doris hunni, so far you have managed to call me bitter and my good friends whiners,albeit subtly. I love all of you and that includes you Doris and I suppose you feel threatened. Trust me none of them are whiners,they just know what it’s like to struggle with the issues and they love the Lord and others. Please don’t assume things about people you don’t know.  That hurts you more than them. I expect courtesy and each one is entitled to their belief and opinion even if we disagree. No more jabs please. I don’t tolerate it on my page. Thanks

She then commented with this,                                                   I will not respond to anything else negative you write, you do not understand what I am trying to say.  You and others read something into my message I didn’t even say.   What’s wrong with y’all?

This makes me sad for her. She is missing the point entirely even though she claims to have compassion. I appreciate her trials with the ravages of cancer and would not wish those horrors on anyone.But apparently she,and indeed those many folks who share her way of thinking,don’t afford us the same. We who have been through this immigration debacle and struggled with ICE and essentially been deported along with our spouses and families must have something wrong with us.

Well,we ALL,have something wrong with us if the Savior’s words are true,and I believe they are. Just look around at us,wherever we live. We all are in need of change.

Jesus admonished us to love one another,to be kind,care for each other,esteem each other as ourselves. That’s hard to do when we are fearful of others who are different than us. I’m not saying to embrace everyone’s beliefs or lifestyle,but extend grace to one another in spite of our differences. Pray for understanding. Forgive,even when you feel justified in holding that grudge.

To this lady I extend my love and forgiveness because she really doesn’t understand. I can do no less than what my Lord would do. He did the same  for me.


About lindabalderas

I'm a wife,mom,and grandmother and a thankful Latter-day Saint living and serving in Mexico,on the Border no less! Life is great!

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