Who do you serve?

“You might serve the devil,or you might serve the Lord,but everybody gotta serve someone.”-Bob Dylan

 As a United States citizen in Mexico I am in a unique position to view what is transpiring in my country from the outside. It saddens me. Just because we are a people of affluence,privilege, and power doesn’t make us right in our Lord’s eyes.

 Trump’s followers are  ranting about those who say he’s not our president. The other side is adamant in their dissension. The hatred and pure ugliness is boiling like a pot of milk,bubbling over and making a huge mess.

There have been unrighteous,wicked rulers since time began because we are wicked,period. Let’s call a spade a spade. If we say we aren’t then we are lying,and that is wickedness. The United States is filled with corruption, bigotry,hate and selfihness. We are like children on the school yard fighting and scrapping,name calling and bullying, demanding to be right.

So many were clamoring for Trump. Give us a real leader! We don’t want a politician, but someone who is for the people.Well,now we’ve got him. 

In 1st Samuel history teaches us of Saul, the 1st king of Israel. The people were clamoring and whining for a king. Samuel went to the Lord for them and He told Samuel He would give them what they asked for but that it was not what He wanted and it would be to their detriment. You can check it out for yourselves starting in 1st Samuel 8.

Saul started out as a basicly decent man,but still ended up failing miserably and taking Israel into much grief. He was power hungry and an angry  man. Pretty much like Trump,except from all observation,Trump is not in the least a Godly man.

Of course he’s not the first ruler to be wicked and the US isn’t the first country to fall,as usuredly she will. I don’t say that because I don’t love my country and am not thankful for the blessings of my birth. But I must see the truth and pray for discernment. 

So,with that said,at this troubling time in the world,not just my country, I claim no man as my president. The scriptures say the government will be on Christ’s shoulders,not a man’s.I will put my trust and allegiance in Him. I will live for Him and obey Him even if that means coming into opposition with the powers that be.

Yes I know the scriptures admonish us to be subject to kings,rulers,and the government. But that doesn’t mean that we must agree or follow them to destruction and the lose of our eternal salvation. The Apostle Paul was subject to Rome and gave his life for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Book of Mormon,Mosiah 11:20-17:20 is told the history of a wicked king and the prophet Abinidah who also gave His life for the Lord. 

And of course the ultimate sacrifice for us in that Christ gave His life for us. He is my King and I will live for Him. That means I will pray for our president and his chosen advisors and for my fellow citizens. I will not hate. I will continue to serve and do good to everyone. I will keep turning my heart to Him.

But I will not be blinded to the evil I see happening or make excuses for behaviors and attitudes that hurt others. 


About lindabalderas

I'm a wife,mom,and grandmother and a thankful Latter-day Saint living and serving in Mexico,on the Border no less! Life is great!

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