A Wall-No necesitamos una Pared!!

The last couple of months have been filled with joy for my family. It has been a time of renewed relationships and the start of new ones. My granddaughter Karli has been floating on air,finally meeting and getting too know her aunts and older brothers on her dadś side.11202081_509771179199030_8239373229038771448_n12247190_102247703475411_5648965513215889637_nFamilies are meant to be together. We work at it. Sometimes itś easy and smooth,other times it is rocky and tumultuous. Always it is worth it.

And this brings me to ponder about The Wall. The wall that Mr.Trump wants to build. He says it´s too keep the undocumented out-all those nasty drug dealers and rapists,and admittedly,he says there are a few good people. Well I´ve got news for you sir,there are more than ¨a few,some¨. We have a mixed status family and none of them are drug dealers,rapists,or murderers. They are mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers,aunts,uncles,grandparents,nieces,and nephews. They work,go to school,attend church,and participate in their communities. They love and laugh and sing and dance;they hurt and cry and fall,but get up and strive again to be all they can be for their families and those they come in contact with everyday.

They are not rich in a monetary sense,but in heart and soul they have billions,no trillions,and that trumps any temporal asset.

These are really the kinds of folks Mr.Trump wants to get rid of and keep out. It´s already being done. As the wife of a deportee and having to travel back and forth between husband and family in Mexico and family and work here,I have plenty of friends who have been exiled because their spouses have been removed.There are women here on welfare because their husbands have been ripped from them and the exorbitant  costs of maintaining a family as a single parent is devastating.Not too mention the costs of going through immigration proceedings can wipe one out financially.So women pack up and leave to move South of the Border to join their husbands,often taking whole families with them,to a world they dont know or understand. They leave jobs,elderly parents,grown children,grandchildren,friends,everything. Our spouses are given 5,10,20 and lifetime bans.And then we are forgotten by the government.

We are forced to make what I consider an unGodly choice- marriage is a covenant and the United States virtually ¨divorces¨ families through the process.

Now comes Trump,albeit he isn´t the only one clamoring about immigration,just the loudest. He says his system will be humane-a deportation force and a replica of the Berlin Wall?  How will that be anymore humane than the already deplorable system we have in place now? I suppose the Berlin Wall was built to humanely separate the two Germany´s ,families. Have you ever read about Hitler´s deportation force-I believe it was called the SS. Well it was anything but humane.Ask the Jewish people.

I have always said this country is not family friendly as it is portrayed. The government decimated native American families,ripping children from them to send them to government schools so they would be stripped of their heritage and identities.Remember this incidenttrail_bnr Afro-American families were torn apart and sold as property with no regard.Howś this for the sanctity of the familyantislavery-comic During the Depression children were put on orphan trains and sent God-knows-where away from family who were destitute and couldn´t feed themstreetarabsleepingquarters.Since the 1950´s immigration has been a source of anguish for the family.th (9)These people  are communicating with family members through the fence at the border. Heres another fence separating family-in a Nazi death camp.th (8)

And letś not forget the thousands of deported veterans who have honorably served and then were separated from home and family,the very things they were fighting for,by deportation.th (7)

I just want to say that no matter what happens after the election our brave families will continue to stand strong whether here or south of the border or wherever they are. To my sisters down south,Mexico,Guatemala,Honduras,Chile,all of Central and South America and the Caribeen,God bless you for your courage and grit! To the husbands and wives here fighting for your families,sailing the stormy seas of immigration,may God bless your diligence and faith. To all our deported vets and those giving their time and limited means and prayers to fight for their rights,I pray God´s protection and blessings.

We may get knocked down,but we won´t go down easy!We are strong and we KNOW the meaning of family,we will bloom where we are planted and thrive!


About lindabalderas

I'm a wife,mom,and grandmother and a thankful Latter-day Saint living and serving in Mexico,on the Border no less! Life is great!

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