Gracias a Dios

This came from a post I wrote on Facebook a year ago.Things have changed somewhat since I shared this but  I get so tired of Americans griping and complaining about what they don’t have-I used to do the same thing-until I came to Mexico. We feel so entitled here in the States.

Miguel and I are fortunate-even tho we don’t have a lot of amenities-I feel like we have what we need. We no longer live in an  apartment,I have been in Atlanta working and Miguel has been working on the border.But when we were in Salamanca we had decent bedding,fresh water-even if we had to pump it into buckets for baths and flushing the toilet. We were able to afford purified bottled water for drinking and cooking. I didnt have an oven(but many people dont-thats only for those with money,but I will when I go back after the first of the year. I have a crock-pot,a cook-top,a microwave,plenty of nice pots and pans,a blender, a mixer,even a Belgian waffle-iron. All of which I bought with money I made in the states.Whenever I go I always pare down my clothes and donate or give them to those who can use them.When thereI am able to take my clothes to the lavanderia,even tho we have a washer. A what? That´s a washer?988783_10151847166096045_941434505_n Yep,that´s a washer.I prefer the lavanderia,yet I have used the other. 58141_10151388909531045_1317466354_n This is where many people wash their clothes. It is like a concrete sink.Out on the rancho Miguel´s family use it for dishes as well.

I have all my medical stuff done in the states when I go back and I am grateful for my insurance.Here people dont have food-stamps,government programs for health,social security(unless you were lucky enough to work for some sort of company or Pemex,or city government something along those lines).The blind,crippled,mentally ill are everywhere begging for food. Little children swarm in the tianguiss hawking everything just for a bite to eat-unwashed,unkept,hungry. Yes,yes,I know you say we have poverty in the states-but its not like it is here in most places. We do have help there.It may be hard to get sometimes,but its there.

Yet I keep seeing so many posts about what people dont have instead of what they do have-no gratitude or thankfulness-just complaining. Or complaining about helping those who dont help themselves-and I agree-a lot of Americans feel entitled and want a hand-out like I said earlier. Its different here-people work-doing anything they can to survive and feed their families.And yes there are many robbers and thieves-but thats anywhere. Im talking about those who are selling peanuts or tootsie pops on the bus.The blind guy who plays the guitar outside the cathedral for a tamale,or the lady selling gorditas next to the train track while her sons wash peoples cars parked in the dirt parking place next to the market. Who in the USA is going to do that? Well,they cant really-there are so many rules and regulations against it. Its just messed up to me-people are messed up.

Well here we are at Thanksgiving again and everyone is looking forward to that gigantic feast. Sitting around  the table, gorging ourselves in our warm comfy homes,watching football in a stupor after ingesting all the victuals.  Yet there are folks right here ,maybe a neighbor even,who won´t have anyone or anything on this day. I´m not saying that we should feel guilty for having our blessings,Im saying we should be grateful and share with at least one other person who is less fortunate.Without judgment or pride getting in the way.Find something in your life to be thankful for today folks-and give back a little. Pay it forward.You dont have to give money. When I go to the mercado I pray about who I can help that day.Believe me,God always puts someone in my path. The little 5 yr old who reminded me of Barrett,Brett and Nathan.I thought what if my three precious little guys had to beg someone to buy a tiny bag of peanuts from their grubby little hand-so I bought him cheese for his sisters and him when I bought mine.Or the blind lady who I share tamales with whenever I get mine. There´s a guy who has a brain injury who strolls the mercado babbling and singing-most folks would think he is drunk-I buy extra tacos when I get mine and give them to him. Its not because Im a great person-it is because it is what I believe Christ wants me to do-and it feels great.Its not hard people. And besides -sharing the love of Christ just feels good.Remember1901319_10151943837171045_1750809554_npizap.com14470761311311


About lindabalderas

I'm a wife,mom,and grandmother and a thankful Latter-day Saint living and serving in Mexico,on the Border no less! Life is great!

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  1. What great post – and great reminder to me! The quote at the end of the post sums up so well what you have expressed!!!

  2. Americans are incredibly ignorant to anything going on the world when it comes to poverty. In the US, poverty is going to soup kitchens, getting food stamps, and being a part of non-profit donation programs. The poor here are not nearly as bad off as in Mexico. It baffles me that everyone expects a handout here. If only they saw what it really means to live in poverty. My heart aches for all of those people in Mexico who must beg. The stakes are so much higher. Consider yourself blessed to have found some of these people who you can reach on a direct level. Your knowledge and compassion far surpasses most Americans. For that alone, you should be thankful. Thanks for posting. It’s nice to hear this from at least someone in the world… I’m surrounded by a lot of complainers who live in decadence here in the US.

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